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Diabetes Care

Eden Drug Offers Diabetes Care

Managing diabetes involves many facets that can sometimes overwhelm a patient. At Eden Drug, we want to help you navigate life with diabetes. Our diabetes care program provides:

  • Patient education about diabetes

  • Lifestyle management strategies

  • Tutorials on how to use a glucometer

  • Insight on what to do when your blood sugar is out of range

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We Care About Your Diabetes Care

We understand that it can be challenging and overwhelming to live life with diabetes. Whether you've just been diagnosed or have been dealing with diabetes for a long time, we are here to help answer questions and provide you with the diabetes care you need.

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Diabetes Medication & Supplies for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics

We offer several diabetes resources, including medications for type 1 and type 2 diabetes and diabetic medical supplies.

Diabetic Supplies

  • Insulin, Insulin Syringes, and Insulin Pens

  • Blood Sugar Meters, Blood Lancets, and Diabetic Test Strips

  • Ketone Test Strips

  • Glucose Tablets and Glucagon

Reach out to our team at Eden Drug to learn more about our diabetes care, as well as the medications and medical supplies we offer. We care about you and your health, and that’s why we offer the tools you need to improve your health and diabetes.

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