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Medication Packaging

Medication Packaging at Eden Drug

Stop trying to remember if you missed a dose! Through Eden Drug's convenient medication packaging services, we can give you peace of mind knowing that you haven't missed out on taking your daily medications. We will help you to stay on top of your dosing schedules as well as provide an easy-to-understand packaging system that eliminates the confusion of having multiple prescription bottles lying around. Our convenience packaging helps patients:

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  • Avoid a missed dose

  • Easily pack a small supply of medications for travel

  • Maintain peace of mind when taking different medications

  • Improves adherence and health outcomes

Our convenient medication packaging system will reduce stress in your daily life and help keep you healthy. We package your prescriptions together, so you know when you need to take each dose.


This allows you to pick up all your medications in one day and take the guesswork out of your prescription regime.

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Why Use Our Convenient Prescription Packaging Services?

We are enhancing patient safety and efficiency by utilizing our convenient prescription packaging services. It allows you to pick up all of your medications at the same time while also ensuring a high level of safety by supporting your medication adherence. Every dose is conveniently packaged in pouches labeled with the medication name, strength, dosage, date, and time so patients can easily understand what medication they should take and how often.

Our friendly staff and medication packaging department are here to help you organize your medications. For further information regarding our medication packaging services or to sign up, please call our pharmacy today, where one of our helpful staff members will be glad to assist you.

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