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2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year

Congratulations to Eden Drug on becoming the 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year!

"Out of many incredible nominees, we have one winner.

During McKesson ideaShare, more than a thousand community pharmacists from around the nation voted Eden Drug as the 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year.

Based in Eden, North Carolina, Eden Drug has established itself as a cornerstone of the community. Owner and PIC Pete Crouch has a motto that he lives by: imperfect action is always better than perfect inaction. He and his team are problem solvers and people pleasers as he likes to say. If they see a need, they do what they can to fill that need. If they have an idea to help their community or improve the business, they do not shy away from taking a risk to turn that idea into a reality.

So far, their risks have paid off. And you thought so too, which is why they are the new 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year."

- McKesson Health Mart

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