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Join Eden Drug In Celebrating American Heart Month

A teal circle with a red heart above “February is American Heart Month” that is placed above a red electrocardiogram.

As you celebrate Valentine's Day with your special someone or your closest group of friends, Eden Drug also invites you to participate in American Heart Month. Throughout the month, medical professionals promote healthy living for patients, helping them live happier, healthier lives for patients of all ages. No matter how active and balanced your lifestyle may be, our pharmacy staff is here to help you find new habits to improve your cardiovascular health.

Invest In You And Your Family's Heart Health This February

As one of the most vital organs in your body, we are here to help our customers reevaluate their daily routines and eliminate unhealthy habits from their lives for the health of their hearts. During American Heart Month, it is important to prioritize your cardiovascular health with exercise, medication regulation, and implementing healthy eating habits.

During American Heart Month, we recommend focusing on the following areas to improve your heart health:

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Weight

  • Dietary choices

  • Exercise routine

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol Abuse

During the month of February, avoid unhealthy habits and take the time to invest in your diet, medications, and exercise for beneficial results for your heart.

A large red and blue heart sits beside multicolored pill bottles, capsules, doctors, nurses, and a clipboard that reads “heart failure.

Focus On Medication Management and Diabetes Care For Your Heart Health

Eden Drug is here to help you stay up-to-date on your medications and prioritize preventative and active diabetes treatment to keep your heart healthy. Our pharmacists want you to live your life to the fullest, and we have top-tier solutions to help you manage your health. Whether you require assistance with medical delivery, diabetes treatment, or recommendations on heart-healthy medications, we are here to help you find personalized solutions for you and your family.

At Eden Drug, we offer a variety of services and treatments that focus on the health of your heart during American Heart Month and beyond. We specialize in the following services to help you reach your goals this month:

Compounding Services:

Our compounding services cater to the individual needs of our customers, helping treat any health conditions you might have. If you have underlying heart conditions, we are happy to create medicine to keep your heart healthy to meet your needs.

Diabetes Care:

Staying on top of your diabetes at every stage plays a significant role in the health of your heart. Our pharmacy staff is here to help you manage your blood sugar, practice healthy lifestyle choices, and stay educated on your type of diabetes.

Medication Management:

Understanding your medication can be overwhelming, and here at Eden Drug, we are happy to help you better understand your medications, doses, and best treatments for your heart and every aspect of your health.

Make The Most Of Heart Month With Eden Drug

February is the perfect time to educate yourself on the importance of heart health and start a proactive plan for you and your family. We understand that health concerns differ from household to household, but our pharmacy staff takes the time and effort necessary to prevent and slow down any damage to your heart. Entrust Eden Drug with your medical needs and heart health resources.

For any questions regarding your heart health, medications, or resources, contact a pharmacist from our team today!

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