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Loving Our Leading Ladies to Better Health

Come Mother’s Day, we not only want to focus on Moms but also want to shed light on Women’s Health Awareness. Your mother deserves premium health care after spending years caring for you and your family. Giving her the chance to live a healthy life is the best way to thank your mother this year.

Being aware of women’s health issues is the first step in supporting your mother’s health journey. As you being understanding these issues, you will want to keep the following in mind:

  • Arthritis Health

  • Bone Health

  • Heart Health

  • Physical Health

Arthritis in Women

Inflammation in the joints is often a first sign of arthritis. Other symptoms of arthritis include:

  • Joint pain

  • Stiffness

  • Swelling

  • Redness

  • Warmth

  • Decreased range of motion in the affected area

There are two main types of arthritis patients struggle with: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.Osteoarthritis affects bone joints and Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes pain within your organs.

Sudden targeted pain and the inability to enjoy regular physical activity can be an indicator of arthritis. This condition worsens over time if left unchecked, making it essential to catch arthritis early on before you experience severe pain. Medications are a great resource to help deal with the pain linked with both types of arthritis. Whether you want to discuss prescription or OTC options, your Eden Drug pharmacist can recommend the best treatments for your arthritis. While arthritis can be debilitating, we are here to support your mom with any pain and discomfort she might experience from arthritis. Book an Arthritis & Me Consultation today to help relieve the burden of pain and discomfort from arthritis!

Improving Women’s Bone Health

Aging can lead to the calcium levels in bones to begin to diminish. And during menopause, women can also experience rapid bone loss with drastic hormonal changes. Calcium and vitamin D are among the supplements women can take to help keep their bones strong. You can help the strong women in your life stay strong as well by:

  1. Take a walk with them. Weight-bearing exercises are great for maintaining healthy bone density.

  2. Ensure they get enough calcium and vitamin D since both help build strong bones.

  3. Have her schedule a bone density scan to help determine bone loss and bone breaks. This scan should be repeated every two years to keep track of bone health.

  4. Talk to your Eden Drug Pharmacist to find out what other supplements and prescriptions can help the remarkable woman in your life maintain good bone health.

Healthy Heart Habits for Her

Proactive care regarding your mom’s heath ensures the longevity of her life. Combining regular exercise and a well-portioned diet are the best ways to promote a healthy heart. Cardio four times a week for at least thirty minutes is necessary to keep your mom’s heart working at its best, no matter what activities she prefers. When your mom visits the doctor, it is important to make sure she gets her vitals and blood pressure checked to manage her heart health. When in doubt, Eden Drug Pharmacist is an excellent resource when it comes to your happiness and health. Visit us for a Her Heart Matters consultation session, taking control of your health with our professional provisions. During each session, Mom will walk away with:

  • A better grasp of what her blood pressure numbers mean.

  • Knowledge about her current prescription and OTC heart medications

  • Education on what consists of a heart-healthy diet

  • Comprehension of dealing with other conditions affecting heart health, such as high cholesterol and diabetes.

  • Understanding how pregnancy can affect blood pressure and other heart conditions

Book a Her Heart Matters consultation with us today, so Mom can continue to lead a heart-healthy life!

Physical Activity Keeps Her Going

Once you get approval from a medical professional, exercise is good for the heart. We lift weights to condition our arm muscles to be strong, and we do squats to improve leg muscles. The heart is a muscle, too, and cardio exercise helps keep the heart strong. A body in motion leads to:

  • Less Inflammation

  • Improved blood flow

  • Better bone health

  • Promotes good mental health

  • More restful sleep

  • Optimized digestion

Take the time this Mother’s Day to take care of your mother who has invested in your well-being from day one. Click here to book a Women’s Wellness Session at Eden Drug.

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