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What We Offer

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Point-of-Care Testing

Avoid waiting weeks for doctor appointments and make Eden Drug your neighborhood healthcare provider. We offer several point-of-care testing options to get your evaluation, treatment, and test results in one place.

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Medication Management

Our medication management services can help you organize your medications, understand your dosages, and help you adhere to your medication regime.

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Medication Packaging

Take the guesswork out of your medication regime by signing up with our medication packaging services. We will organize, dose, and package each medication for your convenience.

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Pharmacy Delivery

We offer pharmacy delivery services so you can get your over-the-counter medications and pharmacy prescriptions delivered right to your door!

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We offer diabetes education and resources with our diabetes care program. Whether you’re a prediabetic or a current diabetic, we have the help you need.

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Med Synchronization

Pick up all your prescriptions once a month so you can avoid several trips to the pharmacy.

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As your compounding pharmacy, we will combine ingredients to create customized medications tailored to your specific health conditions.

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Eden Drug is more than just your neighborhood pharmacy – we are your local healthcare provider. We offer several vaccinations so you stay healthy.

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Nasal Health

We provide our customers with several over-the-counter and prescription medications to improve their nasal health and congestion.

Female patient wearing mask over mouth is having sample taken from nose for a pcr test for


At Eden Drug, we strive to provide our community with COVID-19 resources close to home. We offer COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and information so you and your family can stay up to date on your health.

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